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2018 Spring Appeal – Which future will you choose?


We all have, in our grasp, the ability to alter not only our destiny, but that of others. Indeed, every day laid out before us are two paths — TWO FUTURES — similar to the ones alluded to in Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.”

One, where a family – three children and a single mom working two jobs to make ends meet all by herself after a divorce – ends up homeless as a result of one tragedy, one job loss, or one illness. As a result, her children fall behind in school and never catch up, she can’t find work, communities incur the high cost of providing shelter and emergency services, and taxpayers and their local governments shoulder the burden.

Now imagine the future where you decided to intervene and ensure that this single mom and her three children stayed in their home… stayed in school… and kept working. What would that family look like now? How much more prosperous would that community be?

That vision of the future is not a fairy tale, but a reality that the staff at Legal Services of the Hudson Valley work every day to achieve for our clients. A reality where…

  • And WE BUY FAMILIES THE TIME TO GET BACK ON THEIR FEET after one tragedy, job loss, or illness so that they can continue to provide for their children and be productive members of society.

Last year, our staff handled 15,000 cases impacting more than 34,000 household members across the Hudson Valley. 70% of our clients were women. And 40% of those impacted were children.

And while we work across a wide variety of urgent civil practice areas affecting basic human needs including domestic violence, elder law, disability and veterans’ benefits, and healthcare, often the last domino to fall for our clients is losing the roof over their heads.

When 1 in 4 children live in poverty in the Hudson Valley, and the number of homeless students in Westchester County has increased 48% over the past six years, Legal Services of the Hudson Valley is one of the best, most efficient interventions to prevent homelessness and improve our communities.

Although we are committed to helping as many children and families as possible, we can’t make this vision a reality without your help.

Please, if you are in the position to do so, won’t you make a contribution today and support our efforts to prevent homelessness for children and families across the Hudson Valley.

Thank you.

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