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2019 Annual Appeal


Dear Friend,

What does HOME mean to you?

If you’re lucky, home is a safe and stable place. You leave for the day knowing that you can return, knowing that your home will be waiting for you.

Everything else in your life — your family, your school, your work, your health, your daily routine — begins and ends with your home. For you, home is a source of strength and support. It’s an anchor.

However, for many in our communities, HOME means something else.

  • It is the apartment that they have lived in for years and have to vacate because of one missed rent payment.
  • It is the house they worked so hard to save for, now in foreclosure because their child has a serious illness with costly treatments.
  • It is the property that is left in disrepair and uninhabitable, because the landlord wants them to move out so he can charge higher rent to the next occupant.
  • It is the refuge that is lost when the veterans benefits that helped to pay the rent are wrongfully denied.
  • It is the nursing home where they are deprived of services because of a Medicare error.
  • It is the place survivors of domestic violence cannot escape because they don’t have the resources to support themselves or their children.
  • And for those with nowhere else to turn and no one to advocate for them, home is the streets or shelters where they sleep at night.

For our clients, HOME is often unsafe, unsecure, and stressful. It is put at risk when one unexpected crisis hits. It is not an anchor, but a balancing act that, if upset, can destabilize everything else in their lives.

At Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, we step in to advocate on behalf of those who are facing homelessness. We believe that stabilizing the housing of our clients enables them to thrive and makes our communities better places for all who live there.

The need for these services is immense. In 2018, our dedicated staff handled over 15,000 cases, and 7,000 of those cases were directly related to housing for seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, survivors of domestic violence, crime victims, low-income households, and other vulnerable members of our communities.

While we are proud of these efforts, there are so many more people in the Hudson Valley who need our assistance. We simply cannot do this important work without you.

Please make a contribution today and give those in need a safe and stable place to call HOME.

Thank you.

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