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Diversity at LSHV 

In 2014, LSHV joined with legal services providers throughout New York State in drafting and adopting the Leadership and Diversity Principles and Goals, which reflect our mission to serve our diverse client community and our aim of supporting our diverse staff.

Since that time, we have further focused our efforts to formulate a strategic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at LSHV. We have developed initiatives focused on staff participation — including an Inclusion Council (IC) — and we are providing ongoing education to our staff and Board of Directors throughout this process. Inclusion Council Members organize events and projects for employees and communities, coordinate and evaluate education, develop resources, review and develop DEI-related communications, and develop and assess a formal mentoring program for the staff. The IC is comprised of 23 staff members who each belong to one of four IC Committees: Education/Communication; Projects; Mentoring; and Membership.

This education has helped us increase our awareness of how our perspectives and personal lenses shape our interactions among ourselves and with our clients, and helped us better understand how our diversity of experiences and skills makes us more effective as an Agency.

LSHV D & I goals:

  • Leverage our diverse backgrounds to enhance innovation and problem solving
  • Attract and retain diverse talent at all levels of organization
  • Increase engagement, motivation and productivity
  • Enhance LSHV’s reputation by supporting its mission

LSHV D & I Mission Statement:

LSHV is actively inclusive in its recruitment, hiring, development and engagement of all staff and providing services to our clients and communities.


LSHV’s Chief Diversity Officer, Sheeba Mathai, is responsible for leading initiatives around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. For more information or to discuss LSHV’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, please contact Sheeba via email at smathai@lshv.org.


Members of LSHV’s Inclusion Council at an All-Staff meeting.