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Staff Spotlight – Introducing Syera Shannon, LSHV Human Resources Assistant, Headquarters

Meet Syera Shannon, LSHV Human Resources Assistant and U.S. Army Sergeant. Syera began her journey with LSHV in 2022 and accepted a permanent position this February.

As an integral part of our Human Resources team, her responsibilities include maintaining our vacant positions on various websites; conducting reference checks, composing offer and union letters for our new hires, and participating in career fairs to attract new talent.

Syera believes that LSHV is vital to the Hudson Valley and those who cannot afford quality legal services. Our clients are vulnerable and likely to be taken advantage of, with no one to fight for the basic needs they deserve. Having the opportunity to be a part of the hiring process allows Syera to not only accomplish her goals but help further our mission.

Time, hard work, and perseverance are values important to Syera. Her role model is her mother because she has always been supportive and a hard worker for as long as she can remember. Syera is the oldest of four children and has a four-year-old daughter, whom she looks forward to seeing every day after work.