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NYS COVID-19 Emotional Support Helpline: 844-863-9314

Resources by Legal Practice Area


Department of Labor FAQs on unemployment

For the New York State Department of Labor’s unemployment filing website, click here: https://www.labor.ny.gov/home/

If you have an unemployment hearing that has already been scheduled, click here: https://uiappeals.ny.gov/

For DSS applications for public assistance and SNAP, click here: http://otda.ny.gov/programs/applications/

For a guide to accessing public benefits at this time, click here: https://cssny.s3.amazonaws.com/system/files/uploads/Coronavirus_-_Impact_of_on_Public_Benefits.pdf


Domestic violence/orders of protection

Westchester residents can contact the Pace Women’s Justice center: PWJC services during Covid 19. All NYS residents can call the court’s corona virus hotline, 833-503-0447 to get in touch with court personnel about filing an order of protection, and the court expects to post more information on its website soon.



For information about housing emergencies, click here: No New York State tenant can be evicted without a government order

For a form to file if you have been illegally locked out or have emergency repairs that your landlord is refusing to do, click here: Tenant’s Pro Se Order to Show Cause and Petition to Recover Possession

For a form to file with the court if you were evicted before the courts changed their operations, click here: Tenant’s pro se order to show cause post eviction

For information about how you can file with the court for a housing emergency, click here: Emergency pro se OSC information during coronavirus changes

For information about reporting income changes and requesting hearings for Section 8 voucher holders, public housing tenants, and tenants in RAD housing, click here: Important rights of public housing and RAD tenants and Section 8 voucher holders

To report a change to your income or household for Section 8, public housing tenants, and tenants in RAD housing, there is a form you can use here if you have not gotten instructions from your housing provider about how to report changes at this time: Notice of income change for Section 8, public housing, RAD

To request a hearing if you received a notice from Section 8, public housing, or RAD, or if your housing provider has not responded to a request you made or you disagree with their decision about a request you made, there is a form you can use here if your housing provider has not given you a form: Hearing request for Section 8, public housing, RAD