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Economic Impact

Advocating for our clients and their families enables them to obtain and/or maintain the basic necessities of life, e.g., subsistence income, food, shelter and safety, as well as ensure that their legal rights are protected and upheld. Stabilizing the lives of our clients means that their entire family is in a better position to thrive. When our clients and their families are able to remain productive members of a community, it ultimately strengthens the community itself.

The federal poverty level
for a family of four
is at or below

$ 0

2020 HHS Poverty Guidelines.
US Department of Health
and Human Services,

Hudson Valley

The avg. est. income needed
to live in a two bedroom
apartment in New York State:

$ 0

National Low Income Housing Coalition,
Out of Reach: America’s Forgotten
Housing Crisis.

LSHV’s homelessness prevention program, domestic violence/family law work,
supplemental income, SSI/SSD and unemployment benefits resulted in

$ 0

in direct economic benefits

LSHV caseload statistics, Westchester County Department of Social Services, Chief Judge’s Task Force


Orders of Protection were
obtained for victims of
domestic violence.


cases prevented
homelessness, impacting
4,466 household members

In 2019, LSHV’s volunteers
performed 11,165 hours
of service worth

$ 0

Why does it make smart business sense to fund LSHV?
In 2019-2020, benefits awarded and other cost savings resulted in

$ 0 *

of economic impact in our service area.

*Multiplier effect as per the U.S Dept. of Commerce: 1.48 total economic stimulus effect of federal funding = $55,056,405 x 1.48 (economic stimulus effect
U.S Dept. of Commerce, The Task Force to Expand Access to Civil Legal Services in New York