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Restoring Justice and Dignity

Every person deserves a fair chance at justice, regardless of their circumstances. For this reason, Legal Services of the Hudson Valley is committed to advocating for our clients. We take pride in the extraordinary cases we handle and the positive outcomes we achieve. When *Dave contacted LSHV, he was at his wit’s end and had nowhere to turn – or so he thought.

Dave is a widowed, unhoused, HIV-positive individual who lost his home due to an illegal deed transfer at the hands of his Power of Attorney (POA) – a relative who saw an opportunity for personal gain. The relative not only lived in the home but sought validation of the deed transfer and demanded $100,000 in unspecified damages related to their unlawful seizure of the home through a lawsuit in the Supreme Court.

Samuel Bergsohn, a staff attorney at LSHV, immediately identified the unscrupulous nature of the proceedings and the need to correct the injustice. Recognizing the uniqueness of the case, Samuel requested the assistance of Ilene Hartzband, LSHV’s Pro Bono Coordinating Attorney, who enlisted Kempshall McAndrew, a 2022 Pro Bono Award Recipient from Cuddy & Feder LLP, as co-counsel. The team was not deterred by the POA’s outrageous allegations and unreasonable demands and approached the case with empathy and determination to reclaim Dave’s home and most significant asset.

Ultimately, the deed was rightfully reverted to our client, acknowledging the unlawful nature of the transfer, and Dave was restored to possession of his property. He is home again.

Our role as legal professionals extends far beyond the courtroom walls. It resonates with a responsibility to advocate for those who have been wronged, restore faith in justice, and fight for our most vulnerable neighbors. This remarkable case epitomizes the power of our mission.  In partnering with Cuddy & Feder, we enabled our client to reclaim his rightful home and restore his sense of security and dignity. By upholding the principles of justice, we contribute to a more equitable society, one case at a time.