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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late – John’s Story

Last Thursday, many of us enjoyed dinner with family and stuffed ourselves with turkey, sweet potatoes and pie. Unfortunately, for many who are alone or living on a fixed income, the holidays can be a real struggle. Many have to choose between food and medicine or rent.

John* is one of those people.

John has kidney disease and receives dialysis three (3) times a week. Although his treatment is covered by his insurance, the medicine is not. John is on a fixed social security income and gets a section 8 subsidy. The added financial burden of his medicine forced John to weigh his options, does he pay for the medicine that will keep him alive, or does he pay his rent and let his health decline?

John worked hard all his life, and wasn’t accustomed to not paying his bills, so he tried to juggle rent, food and medication until he fell behind.

When he realized he was two months behind on rent, and his section 8 subsidy would be jeopardized as a result, he came to LSHV for help. He did not want to wait until it was too late and he did not want to lose his home!

Thankfully, Patience Hughes, an LSHV Housing Staff Attorney quickly jumped into action and applied for a grant from one of our funders on behalf of John. This funding allows LSHV to help people who are at risk of losing their home and pay back some of the money they owe. The grant was approved for John and his attorney, Patience, was able to negotiate and resolve the matter to the benefit of everyone involved.

John is now worry free from losing his section 8 subsidy and is up to date on his rent.

Do not wait until it is too late. If you, or someone you know, is behind on their rent, pass this number along (877) 574–8529. We may be able to assist you with paying your back rent and give you some piece of mind.