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Its the Small Things – Mrs W’s Story

Housing insecurity is an ever-growing concern during this Covid-19 pandemic. For Mrs. W, this was a major concern as her section 8 voucher would not cover the rent increase she received. You see, Mrs. W is an elderly client and although $100 dollars may not seem much to some, it was the difference between paying rent, paying for groceries, or paying for her medication and perhaps ultimately, being forced onto the street.

Mrs. W came to Legal Services of the Hudson Valley with all her documents in hand after being denied an adjustment in her rent. She knew she needed to be prepared to fight for her home. Sherri Rozansky, Staff Attorney quickly jumped into action and advocated on behalf of Mrs. W. Rozansky not only ensured all necessary documents were in place but also requested additional information such as the reasons for the denial and advised Mrs. W to request a Fair Hearing. Ultimately, Mrs. W’s rent was only increased by $24 and she was assigned a new case worker! Mrs. W is now free from the worry of losing her home. Mrs. W was grateful and wanted to express that gratitude with a lovely note and card:

A Tree Has Been Planted
ln Honor of
Sherri Rozansky Esq.
Honoring a gifted Attorney & Humanitarian who shares her wisdom and support to others. I appreciate & will always be grateful for your generous assistance and support to me.Thank you & G-d bless you dear Sherri.
– Mrs. W