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Saving Vital Entitlements – Ms. G’s Story

Ms. G is a recent breast cancer survivor who was represented by an LSHV attorney in a hearing held by telephone due to COVID-19. In remission for 3 years, Ms. G’s SSI benefits (a type of social security benefit) were terminated as the Social Security Administration (SSA) determined that she was no longer disabled, even though she is a single mother with two children and her SSI benefits are her family’s main source of income. Because of the loss of the benefits, Ms. G’s family was on the brink of eviction and she was faced with the possibility of the loss of her Medicaid coverage, which is automatically awarded to those who are entitled to SSI benefits.

LSHV assisted Ms. G in filing an appeal to challenge the determination of her benefits. Her attorney argued that although Ms. G, who had a double mastectomy, was in remission, she continued to suffer significant clinical depression and residual medical problems including
neuropathy and weakness of her upper extremities. The SSA judge agreed and reinstated Ms. G’s benefits, including retroactive money that had been withheld.

Ms. G now has the income to continue paying her rent and the assurance that she has LSHV to rely on if anything should change in the future. Helping Ms. G regain her benefits has lifted the threat of eviction and given her back a sense of hope for a positive future. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we would like to remind anyone who is or has been affected by this disease, there are resources for you and Legal Services of the Hudson Valley is here to help. Click here to complete our intake form