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Staff Spotlight! Introducing Aida Rodriguez, Assistant to the Attorney-In-Charge

Aida has been with LSHV for over 22 years! When Aida started in 1999, there were only two offices and we were called Westchester/Putnam Legal Services.

LSHV was Aida’s first job. When Aida came to LSHV, she did not speak much English, was a victim of domestic violence and had four children she had to raise alone. During her time here she worked in several different locations, holding several different positions and recently received her bachelor’s in theology!

This has been an exciting journey for Aida. She feels extremely connected to our clients and feels her experience has made her a more empathic person who understands the needs of the community she serves. She is proud to be a listening ear. When a client says thank you, it makes her love what she does even more.

Aida loves working with the attorneys.  They stood by her side while she was not only accomplishing professional goals, but personal goals as well. “LSHV has been an intricate part of my life – I love what I do!”

When not at work, Aida loves shopping, Italian food and the original Wonder Woman TV show. She hopes to travel to Israel one day!