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Staff Spotlight – Jolitta Gholson, Housing Paralegal, Poughkeepsie

Jolitta is a Housing Paralegal who assists attorneys with Landlord/Tenant issues in Dutchess County. She finds fulfillment in helping people daily and enjoys the broad range of laws she learns.

Jolitta takes pride in putting things into perspective for clients and providing them with clear steps to resolve their issues. She believes in offering a helping hand rather than a handout.

In addition to her legal work, Jolitta and her husband have published a collection of children’s books called the Nylah Versus Series, a collection of stories inspired by her daughter’s and other children’s struggles. The initial goal of the book was to give her daughter a sense of self-worth and to see someone who looked like her so she could relate. The book has expanded into a brand including stickers, masks, toys, and a clothing line. Jolitta aims to establish a lasting brand for her daughter and two sons.

Jolitta admires her mother and mother-in-law as they provide emotional support to the family and handle life’s challenges with balance. They are her role models.